from Deathwatch


Since the first day
everyone waits
for someone to touch
their center

tried to come
but didn’t get very far

Perhaps we aren’t
supple enough


Meeting is out of the question

To each their envelope


Don’t think
that animals
feel any different from us

They wait
for someone to put his hands inside of them

It is dark
within the flesh


One never caresses
a body’s interior


We think
that someone will come and help us
restrain ourselves

This is a mistake

The body divides into the body




Each day
a step toward the solid

We won’t feel a thing

All our lives
we wanted to avoid ourselves

It was too painful inside


We will die
without understanding anything

We can’t do otherwise

We didn’t want a body


All water
will erode
even ours


Jean-Louis Giovannoni
from Garder le mort, Editions Unes, 1991