attentive, remain


All that concerns us is, in a sense, obvious. The adhesion to the evident is so anchored in the gaze that even the most attentive thinker tends to become one with perspective.

Do not confuse perspective and gaze.

Reality: duration of things combined with a gaze, mental image. The duration, like an impersonal thought, displays in things … simplicity of time and place.

Image of reality. The image of reality manifests in thought.

Thought, the gaze’s volume.

And to think, it is true, causes one to see otherwise.

To see how thought allows a glimpse of what words hesitate to say.

The sight of thought, its failure to see.

Failure to dwell in an image, to coincide with what is beyond thought.

The beginning of thought is in non-thought; beyond which it refuses to be, to remain; to do obviously not without mentality but without letting it circumscribe.

From the tip of a branch, a leaf falls; due to the gaze accompanying it, I fell around.

the gaze takes, has taken, can now remain without thought, thoughtless thought, to re-think.

Incessant thought, loss and expenditure of which the unforeseeable return is memory, beyond non-thought, non-representable.

Forgetting, forgetfulness spreading like the desert, dazzling like the light, blinding …

In the gaze, the eyes freeze the forgetting but do not see it, only words, their interaction creates …

Words, the gaze’s warmth …

All sentient beings come from an uninhabitable place, frightening in its transparency, dwelling within them is this central cold that nothing is able to thaw.

Warmth of words, from the contingent, from the outside, … the time of the gaze, how old is it?

What controls forgetting?

Without ear, without memory,
without tongue, without ear,
without ear, without space,
man without ear, image without thought.

We know nothing, will never know anything about the cause of thought, nothing about what in its failure endlessly causes us to be more present, more aware of the difference.

And in the Open, a cry where the equilibrium sees!

Body beyond thought and open envelope, material for thought, for the void which shines, breathes …

From the Open, something returns whose echo makes a shadow scurry through the flesh. The Open, the speaking twice as mute.

Contingency of body, of the erectile, of heat.



No one like the subject of astonishment.


The physical presence of a person, the manner in which they actually evolve in space, in which they etch themselves into the present moment, appearing with the development of a thought.


To ask the question: “what is the meaning of an image” amounts to asking oneself about the process which gave it shape. You could say that every image is mental or more precisely, the expression of its inherent mentality. This mentality is how it retains, contains time.


An image changes only because a counter-image within it listens to it, seeks to grasp it.


Thought’s circumspection: the intention of an image is perhaps not that I respond to the sign that it makes . . . in my own way.


A gesture which seeks to overcome itself to better remember what it is going to be . . .


One can imagine sound without beginning; light, never.


Arisen. Between you and space, a sudden floating renders the separation uncertain, gives rise to the existence, between your body and the outside, of a common ground the presence of which is not visible but perceptible and of which the undulating movements leave a strange impression in the air, as if an entity gnawed there whose reason to be was to stitch your flesh to space and curiously, to wait


One must strive not to look according to one’s own time but according to that of the thing that one is looking at.


Sometimes the brow bursts and there is the energy of profusion . . . the eye-socket releases a swarm of white waves . . . dunes of air and light . . . and it doesn’t matter if the eye is open or closed since the mind is immobile.


Waiting for a vacant moment . . . always already there when one has recognized it . . . there dazzling, thundering like in a dream, stupefying like the sudden discovery of an unexpected relationship, baffling like the unity which dwells in the difference . . .


Every gaze is included in what appears to it.


It is thought which gives speed to the gaze to the point that it can even arrive at what overflows its space and miraculously perceive that it leads beyond itself. The experience and mystery of meaning begins here.


There is a moment when thought and the sensation of space coincide.


The gaze is possible only because all the necessary conditions already exist in space.


It is strange to consider that a day will come when not a single gesture, a single expression which takes root in our eyes will inhabit the earth.


The various things one grasps in the dark are like the soul.


Immediately beneath the surface of things, infinity.


From bud to star, the same silent blossoming united to the gaze by the same central void.


Luminous forgetting




Claude Margat
Attentif, demeurer, aspara 1 1983