Chat with G about the None

G: I think this is possible, but why?

MT: Ask not “why?”, but “how?”.

G: I know how, so the question then is “when?”

MT: But is your who a what or your what a who?

G: If their is no self, or in a western notion the rugged individual, then how will the none you ask how?

MT: Simply with this none does now.

G: So the none becomes the one?  How?

MT: The one is but the vast of none.  (A lovely little woodpecker is perched on a tree just outside the window.)

G: The none me is getting angry. So the none individual me will toss this anger into the vastness where it becomes so small it is not even noticed………………… It is the unseen sound of the woodpecker pecking, that remains in the noneness of that which  ”I” was not. Yet the beautiful sound remains within… How can this be see?… How can this not be?