Towards an Attempt at Beauty (2015)
Towards an Attempt at an Ars Poetica (2015)
Conversations with the Light (2012-2014)
However Fallible: By Way of an Introduction (2013)
However Fallible: The Revolution of Everyday Life (2008-2013)
However Fallible: The Beautiful Foolishness of Things  (2009-2013)
Short Conversation with a Friend (2008)
Trilogy: Skin of Wonder, Tears of Splendour, Blanket of Sorrow (1999-2002)
The Inconsolable (2002)
Delicate & White (2001)
Specifics of Doubt (Reflections on a Minimal Art) (1997)
Glittering Dead
From Towards Tree a Voice (1990)
Let the Angels Depart (1990)
To Begin Again (1990)
A Moment Before (1989)
Two Walls White (1989)
i, of the blind (1988)
The Fist of Thought (ars poetica) (1988)

Breaching the I
Bring to a Flower
Fragments Towards an Aesthetics of Frailty
Spirit of Eden (The Architecture of Desire)