Comfort Hold

here now a little comfort. while unseen unheard. as the hidden lips stutter. all for comfort. a stammered murmur. a cuddled word.

all for comfort.

and what now. perhaps confused. or slightly jumbled. though not of flesh. though of wanting. for want of flesh this longing. as something stirring. where am not. here to see as something there. no murmured quiet this muddled breath. puddled stammer where nothing said. nothing seen where unheard. this to cuddle. what comes to naught. unseen unheard long is sought.

what ask. perhaps not understood. better than misunderstood.

what ask. not understood at all.

perhaps best.

a little comfort. a little light shed where none. a bit of colour.

and so it is.

ask. is there shelter. as of the light unseen unheard. a shelter where closed the eyes. ask another though not speak. a little light. to bide the time. a question of shelter.

sound. of fading blue. to orange. to dark. as never seen. do not ask.

or dark. this unbidden come. flesh which stirs through the ache of word. unbidden come. as another you dare not ask.

and so this comfort. to mine the depth of sky. or here on wing to no longer question. for come to bitter end. as end is not then how say bitter. how long this want for longing is. long for want of longing. or again which stirs. there. unbidden. now all dark from fade of blue. to ask for comfort.

to understand. no naught.

perhaps the flesh. astir.

what now of comfort. where lips unseen and longing. call this shelter. where voice unheard. sole sight mine.


of sole sight what mine. what seen. call this bitter. sight indeed. make another and crawl inside. here find shelter.

long to want. to see out there. a flesh astir. a little comfort. pale though seen. a little light.

comfort shelter. unseen unheard. then what to sight. what want to hear. make mine these.

knocked asunder. to make this mine. sole effort.

here scramble. for all words fail. all saying said are lies. untrue. not lies. unfounded. all said as well unheard. unseen what said. when flesh astir.

no heart to hammer. now speak not.

all this said. each word for comfort. no call or cry. this need for shelter.

not to night this flesh. to blacken sight. where once a blue to orange now none. where once a word now naught. you are of this. this dark to love.

here all said. this flesh not word to hold. this flesh finds shelter in lidded step. incomprehensible murmur. swollen lips where ought to hold. having come to this. and ceased in light or other dark. to ask another.

of comfort this.


Paris/Barcelona/Toronto, June 27 -July 3 1989