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The Book is a Ghost

Writings by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte selected and translated by yours truly. Available from Solar Luxuriance.

The Alchemy of the Eye

An essay on film from the collection of writings by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte that i edited and translated has been published online by ENTROPY. Check it out here.

as if nothing (excerpt)

Each image is the debris of time. It only keeps what no longer passes, a crystallization in the depths of the gaze which can only name – watering can, bush, mountain, clouds. As for the rest, it’s not seen but it’s all there August 2nd Chaque image est un...

of gods

it would seem that some gods are violent gods others frivolous gods and many not gods at all sure we dream of a world in which all gods would be peaceful caring gods but we are part of the world as are the gods and so it is not for us to choose the divine but to...