corners (i)

almost forgotten
corners attest
that space too
can be humble



fallen in a heap
words as useless
as any other
desire its form
shadow vanished
in the sun


for s.p.

we are…

we are the blind eye
by which the world
sees itself

seeking light

seeking light
the surrounding dark
does not embrace
but cedes to itself
finding refuge within

the centre

some proclaim
that they are
the centre

while unaware
of its place
the centre itself
never says a word


for r.d.s.

toward a definition of beauty

a snowflake

free of even the slightest breeze

will still not fall straight


buried under the snow
an old tennis ball

and somewhere
buried the jaw
which grasped it

buried deep
what was once joy

to exist, to perceive

To exist, to perceive,
To be a kind of perceptive residue (if one can say that)
In the departure gate, Roissy terminal 2D
Waiting for the flight to Alicante
Where my life will follow me
For several more years
Together with my little dog
And joys (briefer and briefer)
And the regular addition of suffering
During the years immediately preceding my death.


Exister, percevoir,
Être une sorte de résidu perceptif (si l’on peut dire)
Dans la salle d’embarquement du terminal Roissy 2D,
Attendant le vol à destination d’Alicante
Où ma vie se poursuivra
Pendant quelques années encore
En compagnie de mon petit chien
Et des joies (de plus en plus brèves)
Et de l’augmentation régulière des souffrances
En ces années qui précèdent immédiatement la mort.

Michel Houellebecq, Configuration du dernier rivage (to be published April 17), Flammarion, 2013, pg. 90.

(another of my translations of a poem by Houellebecq can be found here)

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