There is a dreadful heroism, a rather difficult decision to make: to bear all that occurs without ever being a hero. An adventure yarn in an unlit room.


Our epoch completes the disappearance of the layabout, the rake, the useless dandy whose sole function was to waste his life and money. We instituted a new honour: that of earned money. Anything that does not earn money is despised. A curious twist in the morals...

always there

I must no longer see myself and must forget To speak to people whom I do not know To shout without being heard For no reason all alone I know everyone and each of your steps I would like to talk but no one listens Heads and eyes turn away from me Towards the night My...

false modesty

Sure, false modesty is loathsome. However, if not in pursuit of a hypocritical aim, affecting modesty prepares one for practicing the truth.