Some say, “You bow and you are on the side of those who want to lower themselves.” Yes, I bow, but I know that I am bowing and why. That is the difference between me and you who bow without knowing it, who want to make others bow without realizing it and...


Prayer must go further than any request, praise or worship. It must include the offering of oneself. For to adore is to forget oneself and lose oneself within the beloved. And what is prayer if not an act of adoration?


You will always be a slave, if only due to this unruly and painful need to not be one. *** He who believes himself to be free has simply not measured the length of his tether.


Do not confuse instincts with (obscure) desires. *** Instinct is a hidden, unrevealed force, neither cloudy nor obscure. It is reason that clouds instinct. In a being deprived of reason instinct is a firm and sure guide.