Is poetry a lie?

Neither “lie” nor “truth” is the proper term to define Art or Poetry. Fiction is not a lie. Though it is not a true story, a fable is a true fable. Truth is not dependent upon reality. Reality however is always true, but the lie often trumps it. No one has ever been asked to… Continue reading Is poetry a lie?

a sense of unity

The poet writes in order to discover, understand, develop and create himself, and make palpable the malaise or joy bubbling deep within him. No matter if upon confronting the work he discovers that he has been deceived! What he loves, what he hates, what touches and moves him, produce in him a catalyzing effect so… Continue reading a sense of unity

what was the most important encounter of your life?

My single, principal and too obviously necessary, encounter–the importance of which increases according to its persistence in time–is the one that I believe I have had with myself,  and which I will never come to grips with. The others, with their various counterparts, appear fortuitous in the successive shocks that always turn me back, with… Continue reading what was the most important encounter of your life?