What Might Seem

not one but many.
could this be it.
somehow plural in the singular.
or rather. singular.
in what might seem. plurality.

could this be it.
could this.


we will try. here in the grey.
sheltered. propped and glazed.
calling what we will.

we shall have answer.
if only temporary.

or some other.

just as well.


a first return to beginnings.
there shall be others.
other beginnings. other returns.

but first this.


two then. there in the shade.
thin strides of want.
of this here. for that out there.
from one dark to another darker.

or such as can return to light.

resolved. if there were light.
but instead the shade.

only this seen. fleeting.
strung to the instant of closing.

this final vision. as always.
too soon.
or another.


we shall have an answer.

while not knowing the question.
or seeming to.
from there.
an answer.

doubting the very doubt.


so. from there.
what else found.



settled there beside. carefully placed.
as if composition could redeem.
salvation in a choice of chairs.

chance meeting of cautious glance.

words rising above the din. which make no sense.

otherwise forgotten.
all lost in the other din.
that of memory.


perhaps just this.


that the need has been. in being forgotten.
rather not forgotten. but simply unremembered.

rising vague from the ashes.
as the shadow from its dark.
or the spark from its flame.

the need born of loss.

that which never held was itself never held.


so it comes to this.


somewhere here. perhaps the question.


just as well. the tints.
the blossoms long after.
all of a sudden.
as if the heart were choosing.

let us not imagine.
but instead linger.
knowing the distance is great.

yet greater still that being born.


return to another.


there. beside the blue.
long standing the stammer.
and further toothless.
as it was. not to matter.
though then. who could have known.

these and other thirsts.
common crimes of patience.

certain looks.

the lip bitten all the while.


whence departure seems return.

what then the question.


knowing certain looks.
particular ways of saying.
of reaching out.
of only a touch.

yet not just this.

lingering upon the answer.
one of sorts.

plural. without question.

these strides not exact.
held the while by another.


so to end.
as just begun.

for no hope.
only the knowledge.
that nothing.
can be known.
for sure.


Paris, March 25-27 1991