Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.

James Turrell

One’s complete sentences are attempts, as often as not, to complete an incomplete self with words.

William Gass

The masters also extol humility above many other virtues. But I extol detachment above humility for this reason: humility can exist without detachment, but perfect detachment cannot exist without perfect humility, for perfect humility ends in the destruction of self. Now detachment comes so close to nothing, that between perfect detachment and nothing no thing can exist. Therefore perfect detachment cannot be without humility. But two virtues are always better than one.

Meister Eckhart

There are things better left untouched by words (blunt instruments).

Anna Kamienska

Gratitude, acknowledgement & remembrance for something that can so easily get lost

Joseph Cornell

True poverty, the poverty of the spirit, is the realization that there is no intrinsic reason for one’s being at all. In this fundamental poverty of creatureliness, there is equality. The human person has no more claim to intrinsic being than a plant or animal, a star or a stone.

Rev. Michael J. Himes & Kenneth R. Himes
“The Sacrament of Creation: Toward an Environmental Theology”
Commonweal, January 26, 1990

I have already had the thought that we might be able to live from renunciation, as if it might perhaps give us strength if once and for all we said goodbye to hope.

(from a letter to Susette Gontard, Nov. 1799)

Someday, we’ll fall down and weep, and we’ll understand it all. All things.

from Terence Malik’s Tree of Life

“[L]ife” is not the fascist life-force, vitalism, or physics-based analyses of “life” as events in the world. “Life,” as precisely what cannot be made present in perceptions or concepts, is an individual’s non-reflective self-awareness. As Henry often says, biology knows nothing of “life”.

 [E]ach I’s self-givenness, its intimacy, to itself is not a “personal achievement”; rather one’s very self-consciousness and intimacy derives from the self-givenness, self-manifestation and self-generation of Life itself.

[I]n as much as life pursues what is non-living as the measure of itself life is a form of suicide.

James G. Hart, review of Michel Henry

Myth takes the place of mystery. The world to be built is replaced by the essential completion of its shadow. This is not the disinterestedness of contemplation but of irresponsibility. The poet exiles himself from the city. From this point of view, the value of the beautiful is relative. There is something wicked and egoist and cowardly in artistic enjoyment. There are times when one can be ashamed of it, as of feasting during a plague.

Emmanuel Levinas, Reality and Its Shadow

But images are so simple, so holy, that often one is afraid to describe them.


is forever unreachable
so too here
nowhere we remain

And nothing will be yours except going towards where there’s no where.

Alexandra Pizarnik

here remains
of me

Silvia Baron Supervielle, from Après le pas

To be an artist is not a matter of making paintings or objects at all. What we are really dealing with is our state of consciousness and the shape of our perception.

Robert Irwin

And on rare moments, inhabiting what was always sensed, without becoming it. 

Et de rares minutes, habitant ce qu’on s’est toujours pressenti, sans le devenir.

Christian Hubin, from Points

Thought, for me, is just that: the courage of hopelessness.

Giorgio Agamben

of gods

it would seem
that some gods
are violent gods
others frivolous gods
and many
not gods at all
sure we dream
of a world
in which all gods
would be peaceful
caring gods
but we are part
of the world
as are the gods
and so it is not
for us to choose
the divine
but to recognize
and accept it
no matter
how difficult
especially when
it appears anything
but divine


neither fire
nor ash

but something akin
to the gaze

of even the holy

other than light

borne aloft
by the earth’s embrace

I discover my being in the abyss where it is not: I am not, yet I endure.

Maurice Blanchot